XP valves

Upgrade your valves for both reliability and efficiency

When conventional compressor design cannot meet your requirements…

…A step ahead. The HOERBIGER XP valve.

The valve is the heart of the compressor, and the power regulator for overall compressor efficiency. To optimize reliability and energy savings, you need a technologically advanced valve that can do both. The HOERBIGER XP valve is the solution, offering higher valve service life than conventional valves, and up to 40% higher efficiency, which helps save energy.


  • PowerPEEK™ offers six times the lifetime of an industry-standard PEEK
  • Higher valve service life than conventional valves
  • Up to 40% higher valve efficiency helps save energy

Only XP valves can reliably meet these expectations

Compact compressor design poses new challenges to the durability of valves.
The XP valve is a profiled plate valve combining the advantages of ring and plate valves.

As a result it offers high efficiency, along with exceptional reliability

XP valves provide maximum efficiency, despite minimal lift, and excellent closing properties. HOERBIGER created its innovative PowerPEEK™ source material specifically for adding robustness and durability to the XP valve.
As a result, the XP valve sets itself apart with extended service intervals and reduced downtime due to valve failure.

With XP valves, you are always a step ahead

Efficiency, reliability, service life and energy savings are all requirements for gaining an edge in the market, and our XP valves are the ideal component to deliver these improvements. As a result, innovative companies rely on HOERBIGER due to our unique expertise in offering the latest advancements.

PowerPEEK™: High-performance valve plate material means high reliability and extended service intervals

PowerPEEK™ and the unique design of profiled valve plates create a valve with extremely high reliability, durability, efficiency and excellent flow characteristics. The construction of a finer-meshed ring section increases the effective flow area and hence the efficiency of the CP valve. The aerodynamic “rings” produce a lower pressure drop than plate valves, giving small amounts of liquid and debris the ability to pass. PowerPEEK™ plates also offer an optimized distribution of reinforcing fibers and therefore less wear less in operation.

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